Specialised in M&A and Debt Advisory

Through our extensive transaction experience in selling and acquiring companies, as well as arranging different types of financing, we assist entrepreneurs, investors, family-owned businesses and boards in realising their ambitions. We act completely independent, do not sell any other products or services and have no other interest than our clients’ interests.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Selling or acquiring a company is a complex and time-consuming process, in which many emotions, requirements and wishes play a role. Lindenaar & Co is specialised in timely signalling possible deal issues and looking for solutions. By combining creativity, quality and perseverance we aim to realise the best deal for our clients.


Lindenaar & Co has an extensive track record in sell-side processes, from full and limited auctions to one-on-one transactions.

In sell-side transactions, value maximisation is often one of the main goals. At the same time we know that the ‘soft’ elements can be just as important. It is about your future and the future of your company,  together with a trustworthy new investor or owner that supports the strategy plans and offers the best total package of conditions.

Case study: M&A

Case study: Sale of equity stake in Aethon to Mentha Capital


On the buy-side, Lindenaar & Co is often involved from the moment that the search for ideal acquisitions candidates begins. It is possible that a specific acquisition candidate is already in sight, or that buy-and-build is part of the company’s strategy but specific acquisition candidates are still to be found. Another possibility is that an investor has a specific interest to invest in a certain sector.

If a specific acquisition candidate has already been found, we can run the execution of the buy-side process.

Case study: M&A

Case study: Gimv invests in Snack Connection

Debt Advisory

We advise clients  in arranging the financing that offers enough space and flexibility to run the business and be future-proof, with competitive market conditions. Your wishes and the characteristics of the business are always the starting point. By means of our knowledge of the market and our creativity, we realise the best possible result.

Acquisition finance

Lindenaar & Co has extensive experience in arranging financing for specific acquisitions and arranging financing packages for multi-year acquisition strategies. Arranging the acquisition finance is often part of the successful completion of a buy-side mandate, given the overlap in activities of a buy-side M&A transaction with the activities needed for the acquisition financing of such a transaction.



Near the expiration date of a finance agreement, the refinancing discussions often take place based on existing agreements, while in most cases, the wishes of the entrepreneur or business and demands of the financiers have changed. Lindenaar & Co determines whether the existing financing arrangement still has competitive market conditions and assists in arranging new futureproof financing.

Case study: Debt Advisory

Case study: Refinancing and additional growth funding Netraco Group

Growth financing

Growth means energy, however, we’ve seen that a lot of growing companies have issues arranging the financing structure that really facilitates their growth ambitions. In many cases investments in working capital are needed before improvement of the financial performance results in an increase of free cash flow. Lindenaar & Co has extensive experience with growing companies and knows how to make the translation between the ambitions of the entrepreneur and the company and the methods and requirement of financiers.

Case study: Debt Advisory

Case study: Refinancing and additional growth funding Swiss Sense

Knowledge in practice

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